SoldYEG Supports

SoldYEG Supports

Giving back. One client at a time.

After we kicked off the Charity Spotlight program, Juli (whose husband jokes that she has a save-the-world complex) decided that we still needed to make a more tangible impact in our world, a way to bring our clients into it. So we started SoldYEG Supports – a program that makes a $250 donation from every deal we close to charity.

What makes it unique is that we give the client the control to pick a charity that is important to them, and if they have been referred to us by someone we let the referrer pick a charity as well so the donation totals double! Our goal for our first year of the program is $10,000 and you’ll be able to track our progress along with us here. We take giving back seriously and we are so excited about the success this program has seen already!

Program offered through Juli Wenger & RE/MAX River City.

Year 1 Goal – $10,000